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Dear friends and supporters of the life and works of Nikola Tesla, and the Tesla Science Foundation, we invite you to join us on July 10th and 11th, 2015 in Philadelphia for the Tesla’s People Conference!

July 10 th Celebration of Nikola Tesla’s Birthday 7 pm – 2 am, Independence Park, Philadelphia (corner of 5th & Market Streets) This is a FREE, open – air program featuring live entertainment and performances. It is held in the historical park in the heart of Philadelphia, adjacent to the Liberty Bell, and where the Declaration of Independence was signed.
For more information on this program, please look at the Facebook page:
TESLA FEST 2015 : Tesla’s People Party
July 11 th Tesla’s People Conference
Ethical Society of Philadelphia, 1906 Rittenhouse Sq. Philadelphia, PA 19103
10am 2pm morning program Tesla’s people, Serbian Diaspora

We invite you to attend and participate in this important program which unites and formally
establishes an organization of the Serbian diaspora. Your experience and expertise is welcome and
highly encouraged. The goals of Tesla’s People is to improve relations and collaboration between our homeland and our people residing abroad, continuation of the Declaration of the Serbian Diaspora, and the establishment of
the by laws and interests of the people, as well as your valued suggestions. Space is very limited, please send your suggestions and contributions by July 5th to zvezdana.teslascience@gmail.com
Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott, Host

President’s introduction
Vesna Krstic Report from TSF Belgrade conference His Grace Bishop Maxim, Western Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church To be confirmed
Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia Djerdj Matkovic Washington DC To be confirmed

Consul General Mirjana Zivkovic, NYC To be confirmed
Drago Pejatovic, Serbian Language School
Tatjana Misic, Business Etiquette
Sladjana Dankovic, Ecology of Serbia
Vlade Divac, Sports To be confirmed
Obrad Kesic, Director of Republic of Srpska Office for Cooperation, Trade and Investment
David Vuich, Apollo Program
Milos Rastovic,Serbian National Federation
Srdjan Aleksic, advokat Saradnja Matice I Dijaspore
Zeljko Mirkovic, Projekat Teslin Narod
Nebojsa Malic, Deklaracija Srpske Dijaspore, Panel

Tesla Science Foundation: Afternoon Program
4 pm – 10 pm Ethical Society of Philadelphia, 1906 Rittenhouse Sq.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Tickets $20 (price changes to $40 after July7th) may be purchased online at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tesla days 2015 tickets 17535250406

4 pm – 6 pm The Tesla Science Foundation Program:
Live presentations highlighting the works of the Tesla Science Foundation.
It features renowned authors, educators, and cultural institutions involved inpromoting the works of the famed scientist and inventor.

  1. Sherry Kumar Welcome and Intro
  2. Frederic M. Bertley, Phd. Franklin Institute STEAM English Language Program
  3. Joe Kinney Tesla at the New Yorker Hotel
  4. Mark Passio Misuse of Tesla’s Inventions
  5. John Wasik Book: Tesla
  6. Zvezdana Stojanovic TSF Report for 2014/15
  7. Sam Mason TSF Developments: Reports from the conferences in Turkey and Serbia
  8. McKinley Stacker IV & Scott Daniel Haynes Tesla Digital Platform
  9. Sherry Kumar Electric Bus Fundraising for the Tesla Electric Bus
  10. Ashley Readfern Tesla Education and Interactive Exhibit
  11. Brian Yetzer Art and Technology Applied in Education

6 pm – 9 pm Evening Program, Award Ceremony and Live

  1. Children’s Dance Troupe
  2. Mano Divina Short intro, music performance
  3. Sherry Kumar Award Ceremony Host
  4. Michael Djordjevic President Life Achievement Award
  5. Serb National Federation Tesla Spirit Award
  6. John Peter Maher: Keynote Speaker during awards Tesla Ceremony Spirit Award
  7. Vlade Divac: Awards Recipient
  8. David Vujic Apollo Program & Awards
  9. Nikola Lonchar Introduce Alarm Systems
  10. Video: Tesla Alarm Systems
  11. Video: Crowd funding

9 pm – 10 pm Socializing and networking, cash bar
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tesla days 2015 tickets 17
535250406 (Introductory Discount Price until 7th of July)

By Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott, Tesla Science Foundation