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2016 Report – The Tesla Science Foundation

by Tesla
2016 Report  – The Tesla Science Foundation

Since our founding, the Tesla Science Foundation has been  organizing monthly meetings in Philadelphia , where the new members are introduced, including scientists, book writers, inventors, and others who come tell about what they do that is connected to Nikola Tesla.

In 2014, Tesla’s People project was started. With the film director Zeljko Mirkovic, we are making a Tesla Nation film and  a television series about people that are involved in Tesla projects.

Two artists, Bojan Mikulic and Luka Radojevic, joined the team. They create beautiful pieces of artwork and our organization donates their work to the institutions who can further spread the knowledge about Tesla.  They made it  possible for us to make this idea come true.

So far, 9 bronze busts of Tesla have been donated to the following institutions:

Franklin Institute of Science in Philadelphia: This was the result of several years of relationship with the Franklin Institute. The TSF takes part in the Science Fair every year, as special guests. The reception and the ceremony of a Tesla bust unveiling was held, where the representatives of the institute, of the city of Philadelphia, representatives of the consulates and embassies amongst many other guests. Local and international media were also present.


Town of Rahway,NJ:  Nikola Tesla was a town resident and owner of Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing company in 1887.

Many people there remember Tesla, and we were welcomed by the town’s Mayor and the town’s representatives for the ceremony. Tesla’s bust now proudly stands where once his first electric street lights were installed at the Rahway Train Station.

City of Leskovac and “To Build Tesla’s Tower in Serbia” organization. A relief plaque of Nikola Tesla was also donated to the hydroelectric power plant  Vucje near Leskovac, one of ten of that type built in Serbia, made in the same principles like Tesla’s Niagara Falls.

The New Yorker hotel in Manhattan: Where Tesla lived and worked, where thousands of people  every month will be able to see it and learn about Tesla.

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens: in the city of Cleveland, where a previously installed bust of Tesla had been stolen in the previous year.

-American Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia, at the special ceremony during the Anniversary of celebration of the only day that Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American inventor was visiting Belgrade.

Banja Luka, in Republika Srpska for the main city park, located prominently in front of their courthouse.

University of Izmir, Turkey,  for their sculptural garden and to mark the cooperation between the two organizations.

Electrical Engineering University in Kosovska Mitrovica, in the Serbian province called Kosovo and Metohija. Tesla’s mother Djuka comes from the area which is also considered the cradle of the Serbian State.

The Voluntary center in Denmark, that named their school after Nikola Tesla.


The purpose of all of these donations are to further promote Tesla, make him seen again and noticed, to provoke questions and teach people about who he was and all of the wonderful things he did for the humanity.

Through our program, with several levels of donations, we also donate bronze plaques, our “Tesla Spirit Awards”, to every school that begins using Tesla’s curriculum, that we started with our good friends, the Tacony Academy in Philadelphia. Tacony Academy was our partner in building the Tesla Curriculum, one of the most important projects that we continue working on.

The TSF also awarded dozens of deserving individuals with mini Tesla busts, medals or coins:


The Serbian Orthodox Church in NYC received a bronze relief, for all of their help and their welcoming hands in NYC. 

-A Nikola Tesla relief plaque went to the Tesla Gallery at the Discovery Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas.

-In the future, every school named after Nikola Tesla will get a plaque as a present from our foundation.

-The TSF is working with many groups and institutions like the Art Institute of Philadelphia, who are creating promotional videos for the foundation.


The TSF takes part in the Evolve Festival Every year.

The TSF connected with the UN, and with the UNESCO. 

The organization took part in the Tesla Conference in Belgrade in 2015, organized by another Tesla group from Serbia, as well as  the Conference in Izmir, Turkey, organized by the Turkish Tesla organization.

Since the founding, the TSF organizes two annual conferences in the US, one in July in Philadelphia as a Tesla birthday celebration and one in NYC in January, for the commemoration of his death.

In 2015, the TSF expanded the organization by adding the Tesla Science Foundation chapter in Serbia. Two very successful events were held there, they consisted of  art and science exhibits, concerts, lectures, meetings. The organization worked with the Tesla Museum in Belgrade and many other Tesla related organizations and individuals.

 A annual student competition in knowledge about Nikola Tesla and his inventions was started in Belgrade.  The best school (Nikola Tesla School in Jagodina) and students received the bronze plaque for their school and children were invited to the capitol to receive the awards and visit Tesla museum.

The TSF is currently working on starting chapters in Athens, Stockholm, and Sedona, Arizona.

A Tesla Traveling exhibit was created by the Foundation, called “Tesla , Past, Present and Future”, the largest one after the Tesla Museum in Belgrade. The organization installs it in different educational institutions around the US, for more people to learn about the scientist, his life, his inventions and accomplishments.


The TSF is currently working on Tesla TalkTV.  Tesla Talk will be a virtual internet TV station, connecting  Tesla enthusiasts from all around the globe. It will be a base of all of the Tesla’s people and projects. At the moment, two studios are being equipped,  in Belgrade and Philadelphia.


Since 2008, the TSF  has held around 200 meetings, conferences, lectures and promotions. The TSF facebook pages have over 20,000 people that follow the work of the organization. Tesla Talk and Webinars are used to connect with people from all around the world.

The TSF has helped MANY people write books and make films about Tesla.

The organization also maintains an extensive art and memorabilia collection about Tesla.


In the US, the TSF has been working with different Tesla organizations, like Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, The Tesla Memorial Society of New York, Tesla Museum, Tesla Motors, Nikola Tesla Institute in Brazil and others.

The organization is always looking for partners, new ideas and projects.

Another celebration of Tesla is being planned in Belgrade, Serbia for 2017.

The festivities will include several days in the capitol and several days of travel to Tesla’s birth place, museum in Croatia where he lived, Belgrade museum -with the largest collection of the artifacts, and where his ashes are, to the hydroelectric plants based on his inventions. The travel may include other European places in Tesla’s path.

The members of the Tesla Science Foundation  are all volunteers, scientists, artists, musicians, teachers. They all work hard and try to make the difference in recognizing our genius and his wonderful ideas.

Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott