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”Tesla’s Travels Throughout New York and America”

”Tesla’s Travels Throughout New York and America”



Nikola Tesla is Serbian scientist that spent the majority of his life in America. He resided in New York for nearly 60 years. Tesla has earned the right for younger generations to study more of his scientific work. The Tesla Science Foundation (TSF) research team, has collected all of the addresses where Tesla lived and worked, along with a large selection of authentic photographs during that time. This would be used for the realization of several projects devoted to studying the works of Nikola Tesla, in order to, encourage younger generations.

For anyone interested in learning the significance of Tesla and the evolution of science in the twentieth and twenty-first century, it is necessary to implement several sub-projects:


  1. To remove all hard copies of the available photographs and documents related to where Tesla lived and worked from the American and Serbian archives, and switch to electronic, digital databases.


  1. Record the current condition of the locations, which Tesla lived and worked using imaging, video, and 360 degree camera angles.


  1. Develop mobile apps, Paths of Tesla through New York and America, where in addition to GPS navigations, can lead you to the location and experience Tesla, and what he did at the time. It would include virtual reality, documentary videos, and additional materials for an educational book.


  1. Develop educational, instructional books, and manuals on Tesla. As a base, photo-monograph, Nikola Tesla, by Milovan Matic, would be beneficial with information that could be used for educating children and teachers on Tesla and his inventions in the field of electrical engineering and wireless energy transfer.


  1. Our current exhibit is Tesla: Past, Present, and Future, with collaboration from the Museum of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, Serbia, and other organizations within the United States. We are combining our efforts and materials for our future project, Paths of Tesla Through New York and America.


  1. Drafting the script for an educational drama project, Tesla: Past, Present, and Future. The script is intended for plays and the theatre, so school children can learn about Tesla and his life’s works (patents and inventions). The TSF team is already in the process of acquiring materials and equipment (replicas of his inventions) with new modern technology.


  1. TeslaTalk.TV would be able to benefit from modern communications, so that interviewed experts and enthusiasts around the world would be able to learn from each other. The primary purpose of this Internet platform is to be used as a teaching tool and connect people interested in science.


  1. The purpose of creating an Internet based project is to educate students of all ages: elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. A special part of the project would be for the general public. The experts at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia will verify all materials; it is the most accredited institution of Nikola Tesla and his work.

Nikola Lonchar/Никола Лончар
President / Founder
Tesla Science Foundation
Phone: 484 955 0545

REPORT on Days of Diaspora 2015, 2016 & Invitation for 2017

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REPORT on Days of Diaspora 2015, 2016 & Invitation for 2017


This is the third year that the Tesla Science Foundation (TSF) and Tesla’s People Organization are holding Diaspora meetings in Belgrade.


In the first year, July 2015, we organized meetings in the office to work with and present to the Diaspora:


  • To simplify the process of obtaining citizens for the Serb Diaspora
  • To adopt a special procedure for obtaining citizenship for the descendants of Serbs in Diaspora.
  • For the descendants of Serbs baptized in the Serbian Orthodox Church to be allowed to take Serbian citizen by special procedures
  • To re-establish the Ministry for Diaspora, and to the members of the board with the consent of the Serbian Diaspora
  • In order to enable the fulfillment of requirements for citizenship electronically
  • To establish an election mechanism for Diaspora voting in the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia
  • To establish a system of tax incentives and facilitate procedures for the investment of the Diaspora in the mainstream
  • To simplify the procedure of introducing humanitarian aid to Serbia


Please view the video with conclusions on the following link:



The Second Year, 2016, TSF, in cooperation with the University of Singidunum held a Days of Diaspora, where they discussed activities and problems with the Diaspora students. Students and leaders of various groups from the Diaspora to present their programs; they exchanged views and adopted the following conclusions:


  • To create a platform for communications
  • To form a team to work on the project, “Meet the Roots, Meet the Serbs”
  • To form a workshop for groups to teach the Serbian language
  • To form a platform for joint cooperation and exchange of Serbian Students, domestic and abroad
  • To work on the tune-ups through varies events: art, cultural, and sport, throughout the world
  • To create groups and media observation, in order to, eliminate negative views of Serbia


This year, on July 6, 2017, TSF of the United States and Serbia, in cooperation with the University of Singidunum, will hold a Days of Diaspora, with the support from multiple organizations: Student Foundation from the United States; Serbian Organizations, JMC and SNF in the United States; the Serbian cultural society, Prosveta from Austria; the Organization of Serbian Students Abroad, and Heritage Foundation.


The program includes the following topics:

  • The link between the dioceses and the diaspora; how are they expressed by representatives in ministries and diaspora organizations
  • The dialect and diaspora: Serbian identity in the 21st Century
  • The Serbian language and the Serbian National Corps
  • Young Diaspora, Return, and Commitment
  • Pension and other Diaspora income in Serbia


Expectations include lectures, talks, discussions, and exchange of opinions and information. Special guests in attendance include distinguished guests for various organizations, ambassadors, and representatives of the University in Serbia. High School students from the Diaspora and regions will participate as well.


TESLA – The Poet of Electricity by Matrix Productions & Tesla Science Foundation

by Tesla
TESLA – The Poet of Electricity by Matrix Productions & Tesla Science Foundation
The Tesla Science Foundation, in association with Matrix Productions, is happy to announce production of a new feature-length motion picture based on the life of Nikola Tesla.  Not since Orson Wells made THE SECRET OF NIKOLA TESLA has a narrative dramatic film been made on the life of Tesla.   Many documentaries have been produced, but none of them tell the real story.  Here are some highlights from that story and why TESLA – The Poet of Electricity must be made.
TESLA – The Poet of Electricity
He electrified a world that was not yet ready for his brilliance.
Matrix Productions
223 W. Lancaster Avenue.
Devon, PA  19333
DREAMWORKS (provisional)
James Jaeger
James Jaeger (provisional)
Ridley Scott (provisional)
Carol Snyder, Matrix Productions
Nikola Lonchar, Tesla Science Foundation
Elias Alias, Lionsgate
Sarah Jessica Parker, Part of Sarah Bernhardt
Sam Elliott, Part of Mark Twain
Beau Bridges, Part of George Westinghouse
Emilio Estevez, Part of Thomas Edison
Natascha McElhone, Part of Anne Morgan
Gweneth Paltrow, Part of Marguritte Marrington
Marisa Tomei, Part of Flora Dodge
Naomi Watts, Part of Kathren Johnson
Diane Lane, Part of Ava Astor
NIKOLA TESLA arrives in New York in 1886 and gains employment with THOMAS EDISON as an electrical engineer. His dream is to bring to fruition a system of clean, inexpensive electrical energy.  Edison, failing to share the dream, quickly falls out of favor with the Serbian engineer and there results a serious parting of the ways.
Fortunately for Tesla, his reputation gains him investors who quickly see in him the potential to earn a small fortune.  In short order, Tesla is riding high in New York society from various inventions, among which is alternating current (AC).  But things are not so pleasant for Edison and his most famous investor, J.P. MORGAN, for these two titans of industry had placed their bets — and significant sums — into an alternative electrical system known as direct current (DC).  Predictably, a “war of currents” ensues after which Tesla’s AC emerges victorious thanks to GEORGE WESTINGHOUSE, who backed Tesla and installed his AC generators at Niagara Falls.  Soon after, AC proves to be the electricity of choice.  Tesla’s invention not only lights up Albany, Buffalo and New York City, but opens the door for the aluminum and aviation industries due to the immense amounts of electrical power that can, for the first time, be sent long distances.
As Tesla’s fame and fortune grow, so do advances from attractive and wealthy women, such as the actress, SARAH BERNHARDT and FLORA DODGE of Dodge City.  Eventually, almost every high-society woman in New York wants to date the good-looking genius.  Nevertheless, Tesla prefers to abstain, putting his life’s work first and hanging out with his buddies, MARK TWAIN and STANFORD WHITE.  “Marriage is not for the inventor” he says in a news article, an article which catches the eye of ANN MORGAN, the beautiful and influential daughter of J.P.
Almost oblivious to his personal life, Tesla decides to focus in on his life-long dream: extracting electrical power from the core of the Earth and transmitting it through the air without wires.  But the powers that be are now more cautious.  Leery of the millions Tesla had previously cost them (when J.P. lead them into investments in DC), they are in no mood for Tesla’s scheme to give the world cheap, or free, electricity.  Heading the list of disgruntled investors is J.P. Morgan.  But money is the last thing on his mind as he watches his daughter fall deeply in love with the “poet of electricity,” yet the poet fails to reciprocate.
If the definition of a tragic figure is one that holds within themselves the seeds of their own demise, Nikola Tesla is one of America’s true tragic figures.  A genius in the ways of science, yet challenged in the ways of romance, Tesla’s memory is but a footnote in history, yet his legacy makes possible much of the modern industrial world.
When one considers Tesla lived for 86 years, it’s easy to see how TESLA – The Poet of Electricity could be a 3-hour movie.  An excerpt from the Screenplay can be read by going to www.PoetOfElectricity.com/excerpt.pdf.  Please email Carol Snyder at contact@mecfilms.com for the full Screenplay.
Since today Tesla is relatively unknown, this part may best be played by a relatively unknown actor.  This could be a talented TV actor looking to work in features or a non-U.S. actor not (yet) familiar to American audiences.
Because this is a bio-picture, we feel it needs a strong director, but most importantly, a director that is sincerely interested in Tesla and understands his circumstances.
Unlike the part of Tesla, the cast could be comprised of supporting roles which would require about one to twelve days each, therefore, name talents could be scheduled between other projects.  Names would be appropriate because many of the parts in TESLA are influential people of the time.  Some of these parts are: Mark Twain, Sarah Bernhardt, Thomas Edison, J.P. Morgan, George Westinghouse, Marguerite Merington and Rudyard Kipling.
The only major supporting role we would suggest be finalize after the part of Tesla is cast is the part of Marguerite Merrington.  According to our research, Marguerite was the only woman Tesla seemed to really  have had feelings for.  Thus, we feel this part shouldn’t be cast until after it’s known who will play the part of Tesla (so the on-screen chemistry will be right).
A film about a brilliant electrician who invented, not only alternating current — but florescent lighting, radar, the bladeless turbine, laser and radio — would be boring.  Even a film about a mad scientist or another conspiracy theory is old.  In TESLA – The Poet of Electricity, we tried to fully understand who Tesla was and what motivated his quirky ways.  We sought to understand his love-life, the women who pursued him and most of all, why he rose so high and was ultimately turned into a non-person by the powers that be.  Here are some specific reasons why TESLA must be made.
     Visual Setting.  New York City at the turn of the century, “the age of innocence,” has to be one of the most moving and cinematic settings possible.  The horse-drawn carriages, the busy streets, muddy ditches, sweatshops and labs; the elegant and stately attire of high society; the posh restaurants, hotels and mansions where Tesla occasioned; the twisted maze of dangerous electrical wiring strung all over the city by twenty competing, incompatible electric companies.  Go to www.mecfilms.com/tesla for photographs of setting. 
     Dramatic Characters.  Do you get more dramatic characters?  Tesla, a handsome, eccentric Serbian genius who, though not gay, thwarts the passion of endless women literally throwing themselves at him.  Mark Twain, Tesla’s best friend, stays up all night in the lab drinking and joking around with his “mad scientist” buddy.  The famous actress, Sarah Bernhardt, who flirts with Tesla while he’s hard at work.  J.P. Morgan, thought to be the richest man alive, whose mere word on Wall Street can make or break any man.  Anne Morgan, J.P.’s beloved daughter who adored Nikola Tesla only to be amongst those thwarted by the “genius.”  Thomas Edison, America’s greatest inventor, complete with his quirks and flaws, was ultimately so intimidated by Tesla’s genius, he allowed himself to participate in some drastic measures.  Ava Astor, John Astor’s sexy, cheating wife doesn’t get very far with Tesla either.  Stanford White, built the new wing on the White House as well as Tesla’s new lab — but couldn’t keep his hands off married women between projects.  Sara Dodge, rich and beautiful beyond belief, but did Tesla even notice?  Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States, but, as a bachelor, made time to party with Tesla and Twain.  Go to www.mecfilms.com/tesla for photographs of characters. 
     Heavy Conflict. TESLA is a picture that contains heavy conflict — about as heavy as it gets in the business and social worlds.  The conflict between the large corporation vs. the lone inventor; the conflict between marriage and bachelorhood; the contest between AC and DC; the conflict between love and career dedication; between making money and giving back to Society.  In our version of this story, Nikola Tesla is the protagonist whereas Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan are the antagonists.  Recognizing the great accomplishments of both Edison and Morgan, we have made every effort to avoid disparaging these two American icons by showing that they acted like anyone in their position would have acted.  Edison and Morgan were as much victims of the competitive industrial machine of their time as was Tesla, but because most of us know only of the conflicts told from the mainstream victors’ point of view, we felt it was time to take a chance and tell this story from the point of view of the lone inventor, Nikola Tesla.
     Rich in Special Fxs.  Modern digital technology makes it possible to produce this picture in a way Orson Wells (the last person to tackle a Tesla movie) would be proud: one hundred and thirty-five foot sparks flying from Tesla’s high frequency coils; Wardenclyffe Tower sending and receiving bolts of lightning from the stratosphere; static electricity pervading and gapping every metal object in town; ball lightning floating around and exploding; buildings and entire city blocks vibrating from standing waves; a 12-megaton blast in the Tunguska forest.
     Important Story.  The story of Nikola Tesla transcends the American Dream and is currently topical.  A poor immigrant rising to the top of his profession, Tesla gains massive fame and fortune; is endlessly on the cover of prestigious magazines and is worshiped by his peers in the engineering and scientific establishment.  So important are Tesla’s accomplishments, modern, industrialized civilization would not have been possible without him.  Tesla’s invention of the polyphase generator and AC alone made possible the long-range transmission of electrical power without which New York City would not exist as we know it today.  Further, because of the ability to transmit electricity long distances, the aluminum industry was made possible, thus opening the door to aviation.  Unfortunately, today, few in the general public are aware of any of this.  What happened?
     Inspiration for Future Generations.  In a time when our country is in need of energy independence and greater sources of energy, we would like to remember what happened to Tesla, the poet of electricity.  A dreamer and loner, Nikola Tesla dared to buck the system and go after new sources of energy, no matter what the cost to his personal and professional life.  As such he was a tragic figure who could emerge as an inspiration to a new generation of inventors and creative thinkers — if only they knew more about him.
     Wide Audience Appeal.  The above cinematic elements will combine to make TESLA – The Poet of Electricity visually exciting, tragic and potentially a “best picture” with wide international audience appeal.  To millions of scientists around the world, Tesla is not only remembered, he’s a serious, bone fide engineer.  Like Watt, Volta, Ampere and Newton, Tesla had a unit of scientific measurement named after him — an honor less than ten men in history have shared.  But Tesla also has an inestimable audience of fans, many of which worship him as an almost occult figure.  In this screenplay, we have done our best to satisfy both audiences, yet remain true to who Tesla was.
     TESLA – The Poet of Electricity distinguishes itself because it  emphasizes the element of unrequited romance in Tesla’s life as well as the dynamics of the little-understood power relationships that influenced, and eventually crashed, his career.  
The Tesla Science Foundation estimates that there are about 100 million Tesla fans world wide — 200 million in all, when their wives and girlfriends are factored into the market.  This market includes electrical engineers, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, sci-fi buffs, mystics, historians, Tesla Motors enthusiasts.  At $10 per ticket, we feel that the potential revenue for TESLA – The Poet of Electricity could exceed $1.5 billion.
For information on this project contact James Jaeger or Nikola Lonchar at 800-576-2001.

Presentation of the new ”Tesla” book By Milovan Matic

by Tesla
Presentation of the new ”Tesla” book By Milovan Matic

“Tesla” book presentation  May 8th

Free Library of Philadelphia (main branch) room 405

1901 Vine St., Philadelphia, PA

At this event, The Tesla Science Foundation will be presenting the new book “Tesla” by  Mr. Milovan Matic, who will be present at the book promotion, as well as Duga Radovanov, publisher, both guests from the Republic of Serbia.

The Tesla Science Foundation has participated in this edition and we will be looking for more ideas and more content to be included in the new edition. Ashley Redfearn, the Principal of The Tacony Academy will discuss Tesla curriculum as part of the book. We ask you to join us with your ideas.

Philadelphia Art Institute and TeslaTalk.TV will be present and will be filming the event.

This is a FREE event.

The Tesla Science Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the life, legacy and scientific innovations of Nikola Tesla.  Having successfully hosted numerous lectures, seminars, forums – to include the annual Energy Independence Conference and Tesla Memorial Conference  and Tesla’s People Conference in Belgrade, Serbia – our Foundation is the most active Tesla related organization in the United States today.  Through our dedicated efforts and generous support from our contributors,  the Tesla Science Foundation network of distinguished scientists, engineers, academics, artists, students and other Tesla enthusiasts worldwide continues to grow.  Visionary and scientist  Nikola Tesla is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World register.

Tesla Science Foundation


Join us for the celebration of Teslas Slava St George

by Tesla
Join us for the celebration of Teslas Slava St George

The Tesla Science Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the life, legacy and scientific innovations of Nikola Tesla.  Having successfully hosted numerous lectures, seminars, forums – to include the annual Energy Independence Conference and Tesla Memorial Conference  and Tesla’s People Conference in Belgrade, Serbia- our Foundation is the most active Tesla related organization in the United States today.  Through our dedicated efforts and generous support from our contributors,  the Tesla Science Foundation network of distinguished scientists, engineers, academics, artists, students and other Tesla enthusiasts worldwide continues to grow.  Visionary and scientist  Nikola Tesla is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World register.

At this event, The Tesla Science Foundation will be presenting the new book “Tesla” by  Mr. Milovan Matic, who will be present at the book promotion, as well as Duga Radovanov, publisher, both guests from Serbia.

Open mike and socializing, Tesla coil exhibition and presentation, and promotion of Nikola Tesla.

Philadelphia Art Institute and TeslaTalk.TV will be present and will be filming the event.

This is a FREE event.  It is held in the historical park in the heart of Philadelphia,adjacent to the Liberty Bell, and where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Join us!


by Tesla

Franklin Institute’s Science Carnival at Penn’s Landing

Saturday, April 29

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing

101 S Christopher Columbus Blvd

Philadelphia, PA, 19106


The 2017 Philadelphia Science Festival culminates in a super-charged, super-fun celebration of science featuring more than 150 exhibitors! This FREE event is unlike any other – with dynamic demonstrations, engaging experiments, geeky games, and electrifying entertainment for the whole family. You’ve never experienced science like this! Don’t miss it the TSF booth with Tesla coil and Tesla school curriculum information!

The Tesla Science Foundation will be one of the local organizations that will participate in the program. Philadelphia Art Institute and TeslaTalk.TV will be present and will film the contents of the presentation and of the show.


TESLA SCIENCE FOUNDATION on Philadelphia Science Festival 2017

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TESLA SCIENCE FOUNDATION on Philadelphia Science Festival 2017

An evening event series exclusively for adults 21+ featuring experiments, demonstrations, games, and innovative and engaging science curated by Philadelphia’s premier science museum in collaboration with organizations across the city. Each evening showcases a different topic—from cocktail concocting to time traveling—and each includes cash bars and opportunities to explore The Franklin Institute’s hands-on exhibit spaces. Enjoy live performances, surprising challenges, unexpected extravaganzas, and more, depending on each evening’s lineup.  Kick off the Philadelphia Science Festival with a prom! Part of The Franklin Institute’s popular Science After Hours event series, join us for the ultimate scientific soiree, where the punch will be spiked and the science will shine brightly like a sequined gown.

In the Fels Planetarium  Join DJ Robert Drake (WXPN) under the stars for a night of throwback dance hits from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s as well as some ‘out of this world’ tracks. The party continues at the Prince Theater where Science After Hours ticket holders get free admission to the Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival’s Opening Night Party from 10:00–11:30 pm!

The Tesla Science Foundation will be one of the local organizations that will participate in the program. Philadelphia Art Institute and TeslaTalk.TV will be present and will film the contents of the presentation and of the show.

Due to the popularity of this event, we strongly recommend that you purchase tickets in advance as capacity is limited and may sell out.  Members $15  Non-members $20


by Tesla


Tesla Science Foundation’s 7 Day Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro Getaway with Royal Palace of Serbia Reception

Invitation: Join the Tesla Science Foundation as we invite you to our second annual tour of the Balkans. Our tour begins in Serbia’s capital Belgrade, with a private reception with our hosts,  HRH Prince Alexander and HRH Princess Katherine. Our guests will enjoy an intimate evening at the Royal Palace of Serbia, with wine and light hors d’oeuvres. Guests will mix and mingle, enjoy a tour of the palace interior, and pose for professional group photos with royal couple. Afterward, enjoy the sights, wines and culinary delights of Serbia, and the ancient towns of the Adriatic coastline.


Dates:                           July 6, 2017 – July 13, 2017

Countries:                  Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro plus Royal Palace Reception with HRH Prince Alexander and HRH Princess Katherine

Cities:                          Belgrade, Fruska Gora, Sremski Karlovci, Kotor, Budva, Dubrovnik, Korcula (island).

Summary:                  7 Day Land package that includes accommodations, sightseeing, intra-country transport, activities, Royal Palace Reception. Package does NOT include international airfare.

Prices:                           Subject to Change and fluctuating currency.

Single Room:                 Euros 1276 plus $725 USD non-refundable deposit

Double Room:               Euros 1102 plus $725 USD non- refundable deposit

** Please note deposits are non-refundable, and payable online. Balances are collected manually, along with your travel documentation (passports).
Detailed Itinerary:    (Subject to change)

Thursday, 06. July:
Arrival at Belgrade airport. Individual transfer to hotel. Check–in and free time.
Friday, 07. July:
Belgrade. Breakfast at hotel.
• Half Day city walking tour with your host Sherry Kumar (Tesla Science Foundation).  The group will pause for lunch (not included).
Saturday, 08. July:
Belgrade. Breakfast at hotel.
• Optional Short walking tour of Belgrade’s St. Sava Orthodox Church.

Free afternoon to get ready for Palace reception.
• 19:00 Transfer to the Royal Palace
-after program finish, return transfer to hotel

Sunday, 09. July:
Belgrade. Breakfast at hotel.
• 09:00 Fruska Gora and Sremski Karlovci tour – monasteries and wines
o After more than one hour ride we reach lush Fruska Gora woodlands, justly named as
“Alma Mons (“Fruitful Mountain”) by the Romans. Our first stop is the monastery of Novo
Hopovo with its unique church spire and dome as well as beautifully decorated interior by
early 17th century fresco paintings.
o A few more minutes up the road lies Irig, a sleepy town famous for its wine production.
Here, we have an opportunity to taste some of best know wine varieties skilfully made by
local experts.
o Continuing on minor roads through picturesque villages we reach Grgeteg monastery. The
existing monastery complex rose from ashes after being demolished and plundered by
Croatian Nazis during World War Two. Nowadays this is a place of serenity and prayer,
highly regarded by local residents. Tourists flock here to see elaborate templon conceived
by Serbia’s famous painter Paja Jovanovic.

– We then visit another remarkable monastery Krušedol, with its beautiful 16th century fresco
and tombs of significant contributors to Serbian history.
o Last but not least, we arrive to the picture-postcard town of Sremski Karlovci which
abounds with old churches and magnificent palaces but even older wine cellars!. After
visiting most important sites there is an optional visit to the Parish Museum boasting a rich collection of vintage books and icons Time permitting we visit the Chapel of Peace, where historic Karlowitz Treaty was agreed back in 1699. We wrap up the day with wine tasting followed by lunch at local wine producers’ estate. After lunch, drive back to Belgrade.
Return to Belgrade until 18:30.
• Free time
• 19:30 Group dinner, typical national cuisine, restaurant in Skadarlija – vintage street, urban neighborhood.

Monday, 10. July:
Belgrade. Breakfast at hotel.
• 07:30 Departure of the guests by a minibus to Belgrade airport.
• Flight to Tivat.
• Transfer to hotel. Check-in.
• Free time.

Tuesday, 11. July:
Montenegro. Breakfast at hotel.
Departure of the guests by a minibus to Dubrovnik.
• Check-in.
• Free time.

Wednesday, 12. July:
Dubrovnik. Breakfast at hotel.
• Excursion to Korcula
o We set off driving along the coast line till we reach Ston. It is the first town to have an
urbanites plan. Famous for 14th century city walls, over 5 km long and the longest city
walls in Europe. The walls were built to protect an old salt factory which is still in use. That
area is especially convenient for growing oysters and mussels. Optionally we can take you
on a degustation of the finest oysters you have tried.
o Afterwards we continue through rich vineyards and olive fields of Pelješac peninsula. We’ll cross from Orebic to the island of Korcula by boat and enter the city walls of old Venetian town Korcula. Guided tour through Korcula reveals its true beauty; we will view its complex architecture, home of Marko Polo, St. Marko’s church, Bishops palace and much more. After the tour you have free time to swim, have lunch and get lost in the little crooked streets of the medieval town.
o On our return we visit a domestic wine cellar for wine tasting of Croatia’s best wines (like
Dingac) and domestic brandies. Pelješac is best known for many days of sun and a long
tradition of good vineyards.
o On the way back we pass the oldest arboretum in this part of the world – Trsteno, in
agreement with the rest of the group a visit can be arranged but additional entrance
payment is required. Arrival to Dubrovnik around 18:30.
• Free time.

Thursday, 13. July:
Dubrovnik. Breakfast at hotel.
Departure of the guests by a minibus to Dubrovnik airport accordingly to flight departure.


4* and 5* hotels

Reception with HRH Prince Alexander & HRH Princess Katherine of Serbia

Airport transfers

Motorcoach and private guides

Daily breakfasts, one group dinner (alcohol not included)


Air transfer between Serbia & Montenegro

Wine Tastings


International airfare

Visas (US Citizens do not need a Visa)

Ticketing / entry fees to specific museums, venues.

** Itinerary is subject to change, and subject to availability.


Competition – Energy store and learn more 7

by Tesla
Competition – Energy store and learn more 7




This competition has been held since 2009 and for the first two years it was open only for the students of our school. Due to the quality of the students’ work we made this competition open for all the students of elementary and secondary schools. The main idea is to celebrate the geniality of Nikola Tesla, to raise the awareness of the importance of electric energy, to encourage team work and creativity. The results are always published on June 2nd because on this day 1892 Nikola Tesla spoke to the students of the Belgrade Higher School. The competition award ceremony is held in the first decade of June.

Energy we store and we learn more 7

(Open till 19th May 2017)

Elementary/middle school: individually, with the help of their mentor, students make a multimedia presentation or/and a poster

Topic:  Tesla’s Energy

High school: in a team, (two members and mentor) students make a multimedia presentation, a poster and a logo.

Topic: Tesla’s Energy

Multimedia presentation has a time limit of 256 seconds maximum.

Everything else depends on your creativity. You will be marked for your technical accuracy, literacy and originality.

Poster made by students of elementary/middle schools can be done in any art technique with minimal dimensions of A3 format.

Poster made by students of high schools must have a competition logo on it and that logo should also be enclosed in a separate document.

We are searching for an appropriate logo and if your logo meets the standards it will receive a special prize.

Posters must be printed in A3 format.

Teacher –mentor should send the applications.

Application forms can be downloaded here:

The competition includes the first, second and third place well as the prize for a special contribution. If you have any further questions, please contact us energystoreilearnmore@gmail.comProjects can be sent with the help of the Internet link and the link should be sent to energystoreilearnmore@gmail.com

Welcome! Join us on the Diaspora Day! Belgrade – Serbia 2017

by Tesla
Welcome! Join us on the Diaspora Day! Belgrade – Serbia 2017


Join us on the Diaspora Day!

Participate in projects, panels, roundtables, exhibitions and competitions

The Diaspora Day is a program established a year ago by reputable organizations from the Diaspora and Serbian academic community, and extended to Serbian communities in the region.

The Diaspora Day is attended by representatives of the motherland and the Diaspora, students and pupils form the Diaspora, the region and Serbia, organizations from the Diaspora, ambassadors, as well as highest-ranking representatives of universities in Serbia.

Save the date!
July 6, 2017

– Choose your topic –
Topics for the Diaspora Day in 2017:

  • Connecting with the Diaspora: cooperation and development; realization of diasporas potentials
  • The Diaspora, youth and entrepreneurship in Serbia; Young diasporas return and engagement
  • Pensions and other incomes of the Diaspora in Serbia
  • Serbian language and Diaspora
  • Nikola Tesla as the unifier of the Serbian national corpus.

TeslaTalk, Studenica Foundation and other projects supported and developed by the Diaspora Days will be presented during the Diaspora Days. The presentations will be followed by the closing ceremony and the cocktail.

Organizers: Singidunum University and Tesla Science Foundation USA and Serbia, with the support of Studenica Foundation USA, Serb National Federation USA, Serbian cultural and educational society “Prosvjeta” Austria, Organization of Serbian Students Abroad, Serbian Heritage Foundation (“Matica iseljenika”) and others who have supported our program.


Plenary session

Milovan Stanišić, president of Singidunum University

Majkl Đorđević, president of Studenica Foundation USA

Nikola Lončar, president of Tesla Science Foundation