”Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. Past is theirs; future for which i really worked is mine” Nikola Tesla 

“The Tesla Science Foundation” (TSF) first started as the “Nikola Tesla Inventors Club” on July 10th, 2004. The goal of the organization was to promote the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla and also to give inventors interested in Tesla’s work an opportunity to work together. Shortly after that, Nikola Loncar, Founder and President of TSF, realized that there was much more interest in Tesla than in an inventors club so he formed “The Nikola Tesla Club”. This club is still around and represents strong organization with affiliates in several different cities and countries. On January 7, 2010, the Tesla Science Foundation was officially incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Today, TSF have connected and still connects Tesla enthusiasts around the world. There are over 12,000 people who share TSF vision of telling the world about Tesla. Additionally, foundation has found great opportunities to work with other Tesla-related organizations and there is strong interest in starting chapters all over the US and the world. 

We have been approached to join in on several great projects, some of which could lead to a solution for the world energy crisis. For the past four years, we have hosted over 100 lectures, conferences and social events, making the “Tesla Science Foundation” the most active Tesla-related group in the world.

But we’re not satisfied yet! We need to do more! And for that reason, we want to change our strategy and grow as a group. This implies finding of full time employees and an appropriate physical space to promote Tesla’s life and work the way he deserves. The plan for this year is to broadcast most of our lectures through our webinar, allowing up to 1000 Tesla-enthusiasts to tune in live from across the globe. Additionally, we will post and upadate the recordings of lectures to TeslaTalk.TV (starting soon) for all interested to listen later. 


Nikola Loncar was the originator of the idea and founder of  The Nikola Tesla Inventors Club in Philadelphia, US on July 10, 2004 as a club for inventors. This group still excists. We hold an annual inventors conference ( the first week of march ) and monthly meetings around the city with lectures on various topics regarding inventions and the work of Nikola Tesla.

,,My interest in Tesla began as a child. From age 6, I lived in ( Zemun ) Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, where one of my first neighbors was wrestler Djuro Gostovic. At the time, Mr. Gostovic was the strongest and influential man in Serbia, but also a personal friend of Nikola Tesla. As a child, I was more interested in learning to fight from Mr. Gostovic, but he assured me that it was more important to build knowledge. He told me stories about the great inventor, the world and New York City. After I visited the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, my interest in him has grown rapidly so I started to read everything I could find about Tesla. 

John O’Neill wrote “The Prodigal Genius”, a book I still have in my collection today. As a child and now after 50 years of trying to figure out the truth, I still do not understand what happened before and after January 7, 1943 regarding Tesla and his documents. What was his message to humanity? I’m still working to figure out these things and I will publish my conclusions when I get to an answer. I began to work as an inventor as a young man, earning several accolades, including my most prized, the Gold Medal of Nikola Tesla. Right now, I am working as a private detective which helps me continue my work on my interests “The Truth about Tesla.”

As a further course of my mission, I got idea to start up the same kind of group in Zemun ( Belgrade ), where we already had a convenient space for projects and many interested people.

With time, we started to attract members who were very interested in Tesla’s life, work and philosophy but were not inventors. This led to the creation of the Nikola Tesla Club www.NikolaTeslaClub.com , which is definitely the most active Tesla-related group in the world. We hold lectures at schools, colleges and various institutions. We hold
many events to bring Tesla admirers together, including our Tesla Night celebration held each year on Tesla’s birthday. This celebration takes place at Independence Mall, right in front of the Liberty Bell.  There are satellite events in cities all over, and Zemun had held its first Tesla Night celebration in 2011.

Our main goal is to have the main celebration in Serbia, as Tesla would have wanted. Tesla’s birthday (July 9/10) is now officially recognized as a holiday in Philadelphia,US, the only city to date to do so. In the days surrounding the Tesla Night celebration, we hold a science conference, a celebration, a dinner, a series of lectures and musical performances. The events bring many people to Philadelphia from around the world.”

The President of the foundation also founded and runs the Nikola Tesla Inventors Club since 2004. Membership to NTIC is free and you can find out about our frequent events at www.meetup.com/ntesla-38/ Become a member! visit us at http://www.meetup.com/ntesla-38/.

Even if you’re unable to physically attend our events and meetings, we will be posting videos and will be able to keep you updated about our activities.

Nikola Lonchar /Никола Лончар