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Preliminary program – The Tesla Science Foundation Memorial Conference: “Wireless Transmission of electric energy – Tesla Laboratory Colorado Springs”

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Preliminary  program – The Tesla Science Foundation Memorial Conference: “Wireless Transmission of electric energy – Tesla Laboratory Colorado Springs”

January 8th 2017  11am-6pm

Crystal room, Wyndham New Yorker Hotel

481 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Host: Lana Asanin   http://lanaasanin.com/

Live streaming: Kevin Wood www.kevinwood.com/

The Tesla Science Foundation’s project “Tesla’s People”- documentary;

filming continues at this event, collaboration with Zeljko Mirkovic http://optimisticfilm.com/

Tesla Talk TV , TSF starts filming;  project “Teslin Narod” -”Tesla’s People”




12 pm:

Opening statements:

      • Nikola Lonchar, President, The Tesla Science Foundation
      • Mirjana Zivkovic, Consul General, Republic of Serbia
      • Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott  Communications director- TSF Report 2016/17     


Joe Kinney – “Why New Yorker Hotel”

Video – Colorado Springs and Jagodina, Serbia, video

Harry Oung – “From Single-Wire-Resonance to The-True-Wireless”

Ashley Redfearn  Motivating Change Through the Legacy of Nikola Tesla in Education

David Pokrajac  “Methodology of discovery in science and technology”

1:30-1:45, coffee break

George Burden – What happens to the wireless transmission of energy?

Nikola Lonchar  New energies and global problems

Olivia Paranos – President of Tesla Science Foundation, Athens

Susan A. Kornacki, New Energy Movement – “Resonant Leadership in Transitioning to New Emerging Global Technologies”

Devin Klender – Special introduction into Guy Obolensky’s work

Philip Baldwin Integrating Arts and Sciences: STEM to STEAM in 360 using the Tesla sites as social media vr.

Nicholas A. Baio, CBH Global Development and Design  “Tesla Innovation Center for Hydro Power”

Marc Seifer –  Tesla and Colorado Springs -to be confirmed

3:15 – 4pm, Intermission

Milan Bandic Mayor of the city of Zagreb and Dragica Mihajlovic, president of

“Tesla – Genius for the Future” organization present their work

Sherry Kumar – Visiting places where Tesla lived and worked, travel tour

Robert I. Sutherland-Cohen“Connecting Tesla to All Ages,  author of the book: “Tesla For Beginners”

Mano Divina “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”- Nikola Tesla

5:15-6pm, Panel discussion  Hosts: Ashley Redfearn and Andrew Murray

6-7pm, Tesla spirit awards

  1. Mirjana Zivkovic, Consul General, Republic of Serbia
  2. Dragica Mihajlovic, President, Tesla – Genius for the Future organization
  3. Milan Bandic Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Croatia
  4. Anamarija Stepanovic (Nikola Tesla School, Washington DC)
  5. Nikola Tesla school, Jagodina, Serbia
  6. City of Jagodina, Serbia
  7. Harry Oung – TSF Board member for 2016

Performance video:

Mano Divina World Premiere video Theremin and Musical Coil

Closing Statement



The Tesla Science Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the life, legacy and scientific innovations of Nikola Tesla.   Having successfully hosted numerous lectures, seminars, forums – to include the annual Energy Independence Conference and Tesla Memorial Conference – our Foundation is the most active Tesla related organization in the United States today.  Through our dedicated efforts and generous support from our contributors,  the Tesla Science Foundation network of distinguished scientists, engineers, academics, artists, students and other Tesla enthusiasts worldwide continues to grow.  Visionary and scientist  Nikola Tesla is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World register.

Tesla Science Foundation http://teslasciencefoundation.org



TESLAS PEOPLE – Seventh media conference of Diaspora and Serbs in the region 2016

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TESLAS PEOPLE – Seventh media conference of Diaspora and Serbs in the region 2016


The Association of Journalists of Serbia (UNS) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the region invite you to a media conference Diaspora and Serbs in the region.

TOPIC: Annual Media Conference of the Diaspora and Serbs in the region

Press UNS / Tuesday, December 27, 2016 at 11 am

The conference will be held on December 27, starting at 11 am, the press center of the Association of Journalists of Serbia (Knez Mihailova 6 / III).

The seventh conference will be devoted to strengthening the online capacity of organizations and associations of Serbs in the Diaspora and the region, their role in informing and promoting the Serbian community abroad, the benefits of using online media, as well as the importance of training for work on the Internet.

The conference will be presented research on the internet performance and representation on the networks of associations and organizations of Serbs in the Diaspora and the region, as well as proposals for their improvement. The conference will be organized workshops on content creation, promotion on social networks and the visibility of the site.

Organizations and associations in the Diaspora and the region, the media and other interested parties will be able to showcase their media projects for Diaspora and Serbs in the region.

Live broadcast of the event can be monitored via live stream section on http://presscentar.uns.org.rs/live-stream.html

Predrag Karasovic, Director of Tesla Talk.TV and PR Manager for TSF Serbia


Tesla Memorial Conference – “Wireless Transmission of electric energy – Tesla Laboratory Colorado Springs”

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Tesla Memorial Conference – “Wireless Transmission of electric energy – Tesla Laboratory Colorado Springs”
Tesla Memorial Conference: January 8th 2017 1-6pm “Wireless Transmission of electric energy – Tesla Laboratory Colorado Springs”  

Chrystal room, Wyndham New Yorker Hotel
 481 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Group of Tesla enthusiasts, members of the Tesla Science Foundation USA and Chapter Serbia have decided to make a replica of Tesla’s Laboratory  in Colorado Springs. This laboratory would be built in the Republic of Serbia.
The Tesla Science Foundation USA is inviting all people interested in this subject with possibility to recive more suggestions as addition to this project.
We have collected some documentation  to build a replica of Colorado Springs Laboratory. This laboratory will host the experiments and we are hoping to complete full existing documentation of Tesla’s work. Our goal is to make free energy and communications available for everyone in the world.
Nikola Tesla once said that energy is a gift from God and no one has special right to it.
Solving the energy crisis will provide peace around the world.
“Wireless power would be transmitted by creating ‘standing waves’ in the earth by charging the earth with a giant electrical oscillator that would make the earth vibrate electrically in the same way  a bell vibrates mechanically when it is struck with a hammer…” – Nikola Tesla 

Send your application and suggestions to nikolalonchar@gmail.com or zvezdana.teslascience@gmail.com

Deadline for participation applying  is December 20th 2016!

Invitation to Join The Tesla Science Foundation

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Invitation to Join The Tesla Science Foundation

For the past 12 years, since the birth of the Tesla Science Foundation (TSF) in The United States and Serbia, we have branched out and brainstormed on how to encourage younger generations to better understand Tesla and his work. We have held a large amount of conferences, meetings, and celebrations, and have not yet reached our goal, but we did not give up. Many “Tesla’s people” (this is what we call all of the enthusiasts who study and promote Tesla’s character and work) gave us many ideas and discussions. We believe that we now have enough experience in order to open a discussion on the future work of the TSF and the cooperation of the Tesla enthusiasts, professionals, and our associates around the world.

Our primary goal is to motivate younger generations to get involved and to learn and comprehend Tesla’s character and work, as well as, his thoughts of a better tomorrow. We have incorporated all of his philosophies in a traveling exhibition: “Tesla: Past, Present, Future”. We have broadened our horizons by offering after school assembly classes, which still need some development. The Tacony Academy Charter School in Philadelphia, along with their administration and wonderful teachers have helped to make this possible.

With the cooperation and collaboration with schools in Serbia, the TSF has had new dimensions and perspectives of the project as a whole. We look forward to working alongside the Nikola Tesla School in Jagodina, which won 1st place in a competition about Nikola Tesla and his inventions; the TSF and the University Singidunum in Belgrade prepared this contest. The teachers of this school have prepared a fantastic program called, “Energiju Stedim, Vise Vredim (Energy saved is worth more)”. It is a program that should be introduced into all schools, globally.

One of our teachers had an idea to write a script, so that the students could learn and perform a play on Tesla and his work. The play is based on, “Tesla: Past, Present, Future”. The play will be performed at the utmost professional standards. Our foundation members in Serbia are working alongside professionals who make and replicate Tesla’s inventions and the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. The script will be available for free download from our website, as well as images and music that can be set during performances.

However, we have a small problem that needs to be resolved.

Unfortunately, many teachers know little to nothing about Tesla and very often in the course of their education and media are misinformed. We need to set the record straight. This is why we decided to invite all professionals to describe and write one part of Tesla’s life and teachings. This will be published in an ABC book for teachers and pupils. The book will be translated and printed in English as well. We will try to obtain verification from the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, in order to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

Additionally, we wish to inform you that we are in the final phase of forming two studies (one in Serbia and one in Philadelphia). This will significantly contribute to helping spread the knowledge of Tesla. We have interviewed the Tesla experts on our digital platform. We organize weekly webinars, where viewers can participate in the modern Tesla story.

In order to promote Tesla, our greatest scientists and innovators, his work and his philosophy of life, we invite you to get involved in one of the following ways:

1. Submit your work on Tesla that you would like published in the book, including your name.

2. Submit topics that you would like to discuss on TeslaTalk.TV digital platform.

3. Suggest ways that we can expand and educate the truth about Tesla globally.

Thank you for all of your cooperation. I look forward to hearing from you!
Warmest regards,

Nikola Lonchar
Tesla Science Foundation
(484) 955-0545


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January 8th 2017 

1pm – 6pm 

Group of Tesla enthusiasts, members of The Tesla Science Foundation USA and Chapter Serbia have decided to make a replica of Teslas Laboratory in Colorado Springs. This Laboratory would be built in Republic of Serbia.

The Tesla Science Foundation invites all people interested in this subject with possibility to recive suggestions as addition to this project. We have collected some documentation to build a replica of Colorado Springs Laboratory. This laboratory will host the experiments and we are hoping to complete full existing documentation of Tesla’s work. Our goal is to make free energy and communications available for everyone in the world.

APPLY NOW – deadline December 20th 2016!
nicolalonchar@gmail.com & zvezdana.teslascience@gmail.com

2016 Report – The Tesla Science Foundation

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2016 Report  – The Tesla Science Foundation

Since our founding, the Tesla Science Foundation has been  organizing monthly meetings in Philadelphia , where the new members are introduced, including scientists, book writers, inventors, and others who come tell about what they do that is connected to Nikola Tesla.

In 2014, Tesla’s People project was started. With the film director Zeljko Mirkovic, we are making a Tesla Nation film and  a television series about people that are involved in Tesla projects.

Two artists, Bojan Mikulic and Luka Radojevic, joined the team. They create beautiful pieces of artwork and our organization donates their work to the institutions who can further spread the knowledge about Tesla.  They made it  possible for us to make this idea come true.

So far, 9 bronze busts of Tesla have been donated to the following institutions:

Franklin Institute of Science in Philadelphia: This was the result of several years of relationship with the Franklin Institute. The TSF takes part in the Science Fair every year, as special guests. The reception and the ceremony of a Tesla bust unveiling was held, where the representatives of the institute, of the city of Philadelphia, representatives of the consulates and embassies amongst many other guests. Local and international media were also present.


Town of Rahway,NJ:  Nikola Tesla was a town resident and owner of Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing company in 1887.

Many people there remember Tesla, and we were welcomed by the town’s Mayor and the town’s representatives for the ceremony. Tesla’s bust now proudly stands where once his first electric street lights were installed at the Rahway Train Station.

City of Leskovac and “To Build Tesla’s Tower in Serbia” organization. A relief plaque of Nikola Tesla was also donated to the hydroelectric power plant  Vucje near Leskovac, one of ten of that type built in Serbia, made in the same principles like Tesla’s Niagara Falls.

The New Yorker hotel in Manhattan: Where Tesla lived and worked, where thousands of people  every month will be able to see it and learn about Tesla.

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens: in the city of Cleveland, where a previously installed bust of Tesla had been stolen in the previous year.

-American Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia, at the special ceremony during the Anniversary of celebration of the only day that Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American inventor was visiting Belgrade.

Banja Luka, in Republika Srpska for the main city park, located prominently in front of their courthouse.

University of Izmir, Turkey,  for their sculptural garden and to mark the cooperation between the two organizations.

Electrical Engineering University in Kosovska Mitrovica, in the Serbian province called Kosovo and Metohija. Tesla’s mother Djuka comes from the area which is also considered the cradle of the Serbian State.

The Voluntary center in Denmark, that named their school after Nikola Tesla.


The purpose of all of these donations are to further promote Tesla, make him seen again and noticed, to provoke questions and teach people about who he was and all of the wonderful things he did for the humanity.

Through our program, with several levels of donations, we also donate bronze plaques, our “Tesla Spirit Awards”, to every school that begins using Tesla’s curriculum, that we started with our good friends, the Tacony Academy in Philadelphia. Tacony Academy was our partner in building the Tesla Curriculum, one of the most important projects that we continue working on.

The TSF also awarded dozens of deserving individuals with mini Tesla busts, medals or coins:


The Serbian Orthodox Church in NYC received a bronze relief, for all of their help and their welcoming hands in NYC. 

-A Nikola Tesla relief plaque went to the Tesla Gallery at the Discovery Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas.

-In the future, every school named after Nikola Tesla will get a plaque as a present from our foundation.

-The TSF is working with many groups and institutions like the Art Institute of Philadelphia, who are creating promotional videos for the foundation.


The TSF takes part in the Evolve Festival Every year.

The TSF connected with the UN, and with the UNESCO. 

The organization took part in the Tesla Conference in Belgrade in 2015, organized by another Tesla group from Serbia, as well as  the Conference in Izmir, Turkey, organized by the Turkish Tesla organization.

Since the founding, the TSF organizes two annual conferences in the US, one in July in Philadelphia as a Tesla birthday celebration and one in NYC in January, for the commemoration of his death.

In 2015, the TSF expanded the organization by adding the Tesla Science Foundation chapter in Serbia. Two very successful events were held there, they consisted of  art and science exhibits, concerts, lectures, meetings. The organization worked with the Tesla Museum in Belgrade and many other Tesla related organizations and individuals.

 A annual student competition in knowledge about Nikola Tesla and his inventions was started in Belgrade.  The best school (Nikola Tesla School in Jagodina) and students received the bronze plaque for their school and children were invited to the capitol to receive the awards and visit Tesla museum.

The TSF is currently working on starting chapters in Athens, Stockholm, and Sedona, Arizona.

A Tesla Traveling exhibit was created by the Foundation, called “Tesla , Past, Present and Future”, the largest one after the Tesla Museum in Belgrade. The organization installs it in different educational institutions around the US, for more people to learn about the scientist, his life, his inventions and accomplishments.


The TSF is currently working on Tesla TalkTV.  Tesla Talk will be a virtual internet TV station, connecting  Tesla enthusiasts from all around the globe. It will be a base of all of the Tesla’s people and projects. At the moment, two studios are being equipped,  in Belgrade and Philadelphia.


Since 2008, the TSF  has held around 200 meetings, conferences, lectures and promotions. The TSF facebook pages have over 20,000 people that follow the work of the organization. Tesla Talk and Webinars are used to connect with people from all around the world.

The TSF has helped MANY people write books and make films about Tesla.

The organization also maintains an extensive art and memorabilia collection about Tesla.


In the US, the TSF has been working with different Tesla organizations, like Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, The Tesla Memorial Society of New York, Tesla Museum, Tesla Motors, Nikola Tesla Institute in Brazil and others.

The organization is always looking for partners, new ideas and projects.

Another celebration of Tesla is being planned in Belgrade, Serbia for 2017.

The festivities will include several days in the capitol and several days of travel to Tesla’s birth place, museum in Croatia where he lived, Belgrade museum -with the largest collection of the artifacts, and where his ashes are, to the hydroelectric plants based on his inventions. The travel may include other European places in Tesla’s path.

The members of the Tesla Science Foundation  are all volunteers, scientists, artists, musicians, teachers. They all work hard and try to make the difference in recognizing our genius and his wonderful ideas.

Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott 









LANA ASANIN Tesla PR Director & TeslaTalk Host Biography

by Tesla
LANA ASANIN Tesla PR Director & TeslaTalk Host Biography

Actress , TV Host, Model and Blogger, Lana Asanin was born on September 29 in Frankfurt, Germany of Serbian decent. She started her career by participating in beauty contests at the age of 17.  Her dream was to become a Model.

Lana focused on academics and majored in politics and history. With her fascination on languages, she was later ranked first in her school. She was able to speak German, Spanish, French, English and Serbian. Lana finished studying import/export in fashion.

Her ability to speak on multiple languages with expertise in fashion would serve her well throughout her modeling career.

After her degree and as an 18 year old model, Lana Asanin traveled extensively throughout Europe & Asia. She was now supporting herself and was completely self-sufficient. Lana has been featured on several covers such as UNIQ Magazine, FHM,  MAXIM, Cosmpolitan, Metro, 944 and People Magazine.

A dynamic model and host, Lana got her first big television break in the Philippines. She starred in 5 TV Shows and 2 Movies, most of which were created for her. Some of the TV shows included E! Entertainment, Easy Dancing and Eat Bulaga (the #1 Show in the Philippines). Lana has appeared in several International and National commercials such as Nescafe, LG Electronics, Shell, Sunkist Soda and Coca-Cola.

After spending almost 5 years in the Philippines, she decided  to take her chance and travel to America to further pursue her acting, hosting  and modeling career. In California, she hosted TV programs such as  “Helping America”, “PenPal Me”, “Bellantino” and “Aztepaca”.  Some of her film credits are Entourage, The Mentalist, Deal or no Deal, Corporate Profile, and Laura Geller Cosmetics.

Lana Asanin decided to make another move to New York City, where she still resides. She was soon busy in footwear trade shows like Ann Taylor, Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld, Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, Esprit, XOXO, Kensie, JC Penney and Fergie.

Lana starred in a leading role with an award-winning movie

“NYC Rooftop Story” www.nycrooftopstory.com with awards and nominations from IndieFest Film Festival, Madrid International Film Festival, International Film Festival of New York City, Buffalo International Film Festival and New Filmmaker NYC Film Festival.

This multilingual actress is also an avid ballroom dancer of salsa, rumba, cha-cha and tango.

Currently, her latest venture in business is a Lifestyle blog that she started about 2 months ago with RCAT Media Production at https://rcat.media. Her blog topics ranging from Fashion, Beauty, Traveling, Food, Decorating, Cars etc. She believes that the social media is a very powerful tool in changing the landscape of information sharing.

For more info about Lana:






by Tesla

Dear friends and supporters of the life and works of Nikola Tesla, and the Tesla Science Foundation, we invite you to join us on July 10th and 11th, 2015 in Philadelphia for the Tesla’s People Conference!

July 10 th Celebration of Nikola Tesla’s Birthday 7 pm – 2 am, Independence Park, Philadelphia (corner of 5th & Market Streets) This is a FREE, open – air program featuring live entertainment and performances. It is held in the historical park in the heart of Philadelphia, adjacent to the Liberty Bell, and where the Declaration of Independence was signed.
For more information on this program, please look at the Facebook page:
TESLA FEST 2015 : Tesla’s People Party
July 11 th Tesla’s People Conference
Ethical Society of Philadelphia, 1906 Rittenhouse Sq. Philadelphia, PA 19103
10am 2pm morning program Tesla’s people, Serbian Diaspora

We invite you to attend and participate in this important program which unites and formally
establishes an organization of the Serbian diaspora. Your experience and expertise is welcome and
highly encouraged. The goals of Tesla’s People is to improve relations and collaboration between our homeland and our people residing abroad, continuation of the Declaration of the Serbian Diaspora, and the establishment of
the by laws and interests of the people, as well as your valued suggestions. Space is very limited, please send your suggestions and contributions by July 5th to zvezdana.teslascience@gmail.com
Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott, Host

President’s introduction
Vesna Krstic Report from TSF Belgrade conference His Grace Bishop Maxim, Western Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church To be confirmed
Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia Djerdj Matkovic Washington DC To be confirmed

Consul General Mirjana Zivkovic, NYC To be confirmed
Drago Pejatovic, Serbian Language School
Tatjana Misic, Business Etiquette
Sladjana Dankovic, Ecology of Serbia
Vlade Divac, Sports To be confirmed
Obrad Kesic, Director of Republic of Srpska Office for Cooperation, Trade and Investment
David Vuich, Apollo Program
Milos Rastovic,Serbian National Federation
Srdjan Aleksic, advokat Saradnja Matice I Dijaspore
Zeljko Mirkovic, Projekat Teslin Narod
Nebojsa Malic, Deklaracija Srpske Dijaspore, Panel

Tesla Science Foundation: Afternoon Program
4 pm – 10 pm Ethical Society of Philadelphia, 1906 Rittenhouse Sq.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Tickets $20 (price changes to $40 after July7th) may be purchased online at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tesla days 2015 tickets 17535250406

4 pm – 6 pm The Tesla Science Foundation Program:
Live presentations highlighting the works of the Tesla Science Foundation.
It features renowned authors, educators, and cultural institutions involved inpromoting the works of the famed scientist and inventor.

  1. Sherry Kumar Welcome and Intro
  2. Frederic M. Bertley, Phd. Franklin Institute STEAM English Language Program
  3. Joe Kinney Tesla at the New Yorker Hotel
  4. Mark Passio Misuse of Tesla’s Inventions
  5. John Wasik Book: Tesla
  6. Zvezdana Stojanovic TSF Report for 2014/15
  7. Sam Mason TSF Developments: Reports from the conferences in Turkey and Serbia
  8. McKinley Stacker IV & Scott Daniel Haynes Tesla Digital Platform
  9. Sherry Kumar Electric Bus Fundraising for the Tesla Electric Bus
  10. Ashley Readfern Tesla Education and Interactive Exhibit
  11. Brian Yetzer Art and Technology Applied in Education

6 pm – 9 pm Evening Program, Award Ceremony and Live

  1. Children’s Dance Troupe
  2. Mano Divina Short intro, music performance
  3. Sherry Kumar Award Ceremony Host
  4. Michael Djordjevic President Life Achievement Award
  5. Serb National Federation Tesla Spirit Award
  6. John Peter Maher: Keynote Speaker during awards Tesla Ceremony Spirit Award
  7. Vlade Divac: Awards Recipient
  8. David Vujic Apollo Program & Awards
  9. Nikola Lonchar Introduce Alarm Systems
  10. Video: Tesla Alarm Systems
  11. Video: Crowd funding

9 pm – 10 pm Socializing and networking, cash bar
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tesla days 2015 tickets 17
535250406 (Introductory Discount Price until 7th of July)

By Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott, Tesla Science Foundation


by Tesla

This was a very busy year for us, full of excitement, new ideas, new people, all promoting Tesla in the best possible way.

Right after the conference at the New Yorker in January of 2014, we started building a team that worked very hard, with weekly meetings and later on almost every day, to organize the event that happened on Jun 28th, 200 years of Serbs in America. This event, with Tesla as one of the most important Serbian people that came to the US was organized by the TSF. We had around 700 people present for the weekend, and 120 for the Gala dinner and the awards.

  • We were also involved in the humanitarian fundraising and silent auction, with other organizations
    to help the victims of the serbian floods that happened last May.
  • We organized the unveiling of a Tesla bust, donated by the TSF to the Franklin Institute of Science in
    Philadelphia in June this year. This was the result of several years of relationship with the Franklin
    Institute. Our organization takes part in the Science Fair that they organize in march of every year, as
    special guests. We had a reception and the ceremony of a Tesla bust unveiling where the
    representatives of the institute, of the city of Philadelphia, Serbian consulate, and the Prime Minister
    of Republika Srpska, amongst many other guests and media were present.
  • One bust was donated to the the town of Rahway , NJ. Nikola Tesla was a town resident and had his
    Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing company in 1887.
    Many people there remember Tesla, and we were welcomed by the town’s Mayor and the towns
    representatives for the ceremony. Tesla’s bust will proudly stand where once his first electric street
    lights were installed.

More busts were donated:

  • To Mr. Dusan Sinadinovic and “Let’s build Tesla’s tower in Serbia” organization, in the city of Leskovac, Serbia, where the unveiling will happen for Tesla’s birthday this year.
  • In the City of Cleveland, there is a large park, called Cleveland Cultural gardens, featuring small
    sections that represent countries of the world. Serbia has a nice section with dozen of monuments
    for important people, including Tesla. This year, unfortunately, there was some vandalism and Tesla’s
    bust was stolen.
    The Tesla Science Foundation decided to donate one bust of Tesla to replace the old one.
    This bust will be unveiled soon and we will be present at the ceremony.
  • One bust will be going to Belgrade, to the American Embassy, this June, at the special ceremony, as a
    gesture to connect Serbian diaspora and their Embassy in the motherland.
  • We are in the talks with the cities of Banja Luka, in Republika Srpska, City of Chicago, and even
    Canada and Vienna, Austria, to install these monuments.
    The purpose of these donations are to further promote Tesla, make him seen again, and noticed, to
    provoke questions and teach people of who he was and all of the wonderful things he did for the

The busts were a creation of a young artist, Mr. Bojan Mikulic, who graciously joined the team several years ago, and made it possible for us to make this idea come true.
We will also donate bronze plaques, our “Tesla Spirit Awards”, to every school that starts using the Tesla curriculum, and we will start with our good friends, the Tacony Academy.

  • Serbian Orthodox Church in NYC will also get a plaque, for all of their help and the welcoming hands, every time we come to NYC.
  • Every school named by Nikola Tesla will get a bust as a present from our foundation.

We have worked with many groups and institutions this year, and loved working with the Art Institute of Phialdelpia, creating promotional videos for the foundation.
We were also special guests with the Evolve Festival, and looking forward to the new one, in September.
We prepared this conference, connected with the teachers, book writers, scientists, artists and
This year we connected with the UN, with the Unesco, while keeping in touch with old friends, like Tesla Science Center in Long Island, and the New Yorker Hotel.

We are looking forward to:
2nd of June in Belgrade, Serbia, where “Tesla’s People” will have a gathering, 10th of July in Philadelphia, also for Tesla’s people, and Tesla’s Birthday.
We are all volunteers, we are scientists, artists, musicians, teachers. JOIN US there are many positions open for all that want to help. We all work hard and we are all proud of our Nikola Tesla.

Conference January 2015, New York – Who was presenting:

Tim Eaton, Film Script Presentation
Michael R. Powel, Ph.D., Tesla Science Education in China
W. Bernard Carlson, Ph.D., Book Presentation
Phillip Baldwin, Ph.D, Tesla – Future
Jane Alcorn for Tesla Science Center in Long Island, report on what has been done and what is
Yuri Blanarovich, Tesla Art and Technology Camps
Maja Herman-Sekulic, Ph.D., Book Presentation “A story of Youth Told by Age” dedicated to miss Paula Fotich, by Nikola Tesla
Children: Magdalena Frances Waters, Julian Driebeek and Kyle Driebeek
School Curriculum Program:

  1. Brianna Cutillo, Problem Solving and Inventions Teacher, Elementary Ed. Certified, Reading Specialist Certified
  2. Heather Noel, Middle School Language Arts, Special Education Certified Elementary Ed. Certified, English Language Arts Certified
  3. Todd Smith, Dean of School Climate, Elementary Ed Certified,
  4. Ashley Redfearn, Principal/CEO, Elementary Ed Certified, K-12 Principal Certification
  5. Ron P. Milione, Dr, Hands on Tesla Science Experiments
  6. Mano Divino, Music and Technology
  7. Brian Yetzer, Digital Art and Technology
  8. Craig DoVidio, Art institute, Videos

Unveiling of the Tesla bust happened in the evening, with many guests and press involved. The sign on the bust will be cast in bronze will replace the temporary one and which says: “Nikola Tesla is the Serbian American scientist and inventor who invented the AC Electrical Power System used throughout the world today and other great inventions including the radio.
Nikola Tesla occupied rooms 3327 and 3328 at the New Yorker Hotel from 1933 to 1943.
Tesla Science Foundation Logo Donated to the New Yorker Hotel by the Tesla Science Foundation on the behalf of the People’s Republic of Serbia and Srpska”

The bust was blessed by Father Djokan Majstorovic of the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church and unveiled by Nikola Lonchar, the President of the Foundation.
Tesla Exhibition was an important part of the event. This exhibition was acquired by the TSF from the Tesla Museum in Belgrade for events like this and the future Exhibit : Tesla – Past, Present and Future” and was exhibited for all to see prior to the evening event.
Tesla Spirit Awards:
After the opening remarks by Nikola Loncar, pre President, and Marina Schwabich, the director, we have heard the remarks and the speeches of • Serbian Ambassador to the U.N., H.E. Milan Milanovic
and a very important guest, • Moufida Goucha, Director, UNESCO Representative to the UN.

Tesla Spirit Awards were awarded to:
Jane Alcorn (Tesla Science Center of Wardencliff)
Serbian Church in NYC (bronze plaque awarded)
Marina Arsenijevic (for music in Tower to the People, film about Tesla)
Ashley REDFEARN and TESLA CURRICULUM TEAM that started to build the curriculum -bronze

Plaque awarded for the first school that started Tesla’s curriculum
-For relentless dedication to Tesla’s legacy
Tesla Spirit President’s Award: to Mark Passio & Michael Falseta (Some of the founders and long time supporters of the TSF)
-For memorializing Tesla’ image in a bronze bust Tesla Spirit Fine Art Award to Bojan Mikulic
-Tesla Spirit Digital Education Award: to Brian Yetzer, the digital artist
-For keeping Tesla legacy alive Tesla Spirit Memorial Award- Nikola Radosevic, Posthumous

Preformances by:
-Mano Divina, Divine Hand Ensamble (Mano Divina and his ensamble were chosenn to be playing for
the Pope in Philadelphia in the summer of 2015, and he will be presenting the TSF there)
-Brit Walmsley, on gusle, Tesla’s favorite Instrument
-Ivan Bosiljcic and Jelena Tomasevic, our guests from Belgrade, velena-videos from Eurovision and Ivan was reciting. some Tesla quotes.
Trailer for the “Tower to the People” , film about Tesla, by Joseph Sikorski was played.

Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott

Tesla Science Foundation USA 

Теслина Научна Фондација , извештај за 2014 и Јануар 2015

by Tesla
Теслина Научна Фондација , извештај за 2014 и Јануар 2015
, Image: 205935736, License: Rights-managed, Restrictions: , Model Release: no, Credit line: Profimedia, Alamy

20. Јануар 2015
Пред конференцију у Њујоркер хотелу

Ово је била изузетна година, пуна догађаја и занимљивих и успешних акција у промоцији
Николе Тесле. Одмах после конференције Теслине Научне Фондације у Њу Јоркеру у Јануару 2014-те, почели
смо да градимо тим “Теслин народ” од десетак људи који су свакодневно, месецима, волонтерски радили на Јунској прослави “200 година Срба у Америци”. Наша прослава је одржана 28. Јуна, за Видовдан у Филаделфији, у граду у који је дошао први Србин, Ђорђе Шагић.
Прослава је привукла око 700 званица, а око 120 је присуствовало свечаној вечери и додели
признања. Део програма је била и аукција предмета донираних од стране Срба у дијаспори и матици, а чији су приходи послати преко српске хуманитарне организације РАС за санацију два обданишта угрожена у мајским поплавама, једно у Србији а друго у Републици Српској.
Кроз дугогодишњу сарадњу са Франклин Институтом за науку у Филаделфији, Теслина Научна Фондација организовала је откривање бисте Николе Тесле у Јуну, за време прославе “200 година Срба у Америци”. Сарадња са институтом се одржава стално, кроз разна предавања и кроз наше учешће на њиховом Сајму Науке, сваког Марта у Филаделфији. Откривању и пријему су присуствовали многи челници института, града Филаделфије, Конзулата Србије, представници Републике Српске на челу са Премијерком Жељком
Цвијановић, као и многи медији и други гости.
Још једна биста Николе Тесле донирана је од стране ТНФ граду Рахвеј у држави Њу Џерзи.
Никола Тесла је ту живео и радио 1887. године у својој компанији “Тесла Електpиk &
Многи људи у том граду се још увек сећају Тесле и ми смо били дочекани свечаним пријемом
од стране градоначелника. Биста Николе Тесле ће бити постављена на истом месту где су његове уличне светиљке некада стајале.
Још неколико биста је донирано:
-Душану Синадиновићу и његовој организацији “Саградимо Теслин Торањ у Србији” и граду
Лесковцу, где је откривање заказано за Теслин рођендан ове године.
-У граду Кливленду постоји велики парк, звани Кливландска Културна Башта, који се састоји од
мањих делова који представљају земље света. Србија има свој мали парк, са десетак
споменика српским јунацима, песницима, композиторима. Међу њима налазила се и биста
Николи Тесли која је на жалост, пре неколико месеци украдена. Наша организација одлучила је
да поклони бисту нашем српском парку. Откривање ће бити ускоро.
-Једна биста ће бити поклоњена Америчкој амбасади у Београду – резиденцији амбасадора, у
Јуну ове године, као гест повезивања два народа, као и дијаспоре са матицом.
-Тренутно преговарамо са Бања Луком, Андрић Градом, Чикагом, Бечом, неким градовима у
Канади, где би желели да инсталирамо ове споменике.
Сврха и разлог ових донација је да се даље промовише Тесла, његов рад и идеје којима је
желео да помогне човечанству, али и његово порекло; да образујемо људе о томе ко је био
научник Никола Тесла.
Биста је рад српског уметника из Бања Луке, Бојана Микулића, који се придружио тиму пре
неколико година, и допринео да се наше идеје успешно спроведу.
Наш пројекат са донацијама се ту не завршава. Свака школа која уведе школски програм који укључује Теслино учење добиће велики бронзани рељеф као поклон. Наша прва школа, Такони Академија из Филаделфије је прва школа која је почела са програмом. Српска црква Свети Сава добила је бронзани рељеф због свастране помоћи коју увек пружа Теслиној Фондацији као и промовисању наших конференција.
Свака школа у Америци која се зове Никола Тесла добиће бронзану бисту као награду од наше
фондације. Ове године радили смо са великим бројем група и институција. Имали смо дивну сарадњу са
Арт Институтом из Филаделфије, који креира промотивне видее за нашу организацију. Били смо почасни гости Еволве Фестивала, и бићемо опет ове године у Септембру. Организовали смо предавања на тему Тесле у библиотеци Филаделфије сваког месеца. Припремали смо ову конференцију, повезивали се са професорима, писцима, научницима, уметницима и другима.
Ове године повезали смо се са Уједињеним Нацијама,УНЕСКО-м, а задржали смо јако добар контакт са старим пријатељима као што су Научни Центар Тесла на Лонг Ајланду и Њу Јоркер Хотел, где је Тесла живео и радио.
Учесници програма:
Tim Eaton, Филм
Michael R. Powel, Ph.D., Тесла образовање у Кини
W. Bernard Carlson, Ph.D., презентација књиге
Phillip Baldwin, Ph.D, Тесла – Будућностt
Jane Alcorn, за Тесла Научни Центер на Лонг Ајланду, извештај
Yuri Blanarovich, Тесла уметност и кампови технологије

Маја Херман-Секулић, презентација књиге
“A story of Youth Told by Age” представа на основу писма Николе Тесле Поли Фотић, у извођењу
деце: Magdalena Frances Waters, Julian Driebeek и Kyle Driebeek
Школски програм – тим који је радио на оформљењу школског програма на тему Тесла:
-Brianna Cutillo, Решавање проблема и изума за учитеље основних школа
-Heather Noel основне школе, уметност језика
Ed. Certified, Енглески језик и уметност
-Todd Smith, Основне школе
-Ashley Redfearn, директор основне школе
Ron P. Milione, Dr, Тесла експерименти
Mano Divino – Музика и Технологија
Brian Yetzer, Дигитална Уметност и Технологија
Craig DoVidio, Институт за Уметност, видео
Биста Николе Тесле инсталирана је у холу хотела Њу Јоркер, уз присуство многих медија и гостију.
На бисти пише:
“ Никола Тесла је Српско Амерички научник и изумитељ, који је изумео наизменичну струју и систем који се употребљава широм света данас, као и друге изуме, укључујући и радио.
Никола Тесла је живео у собама 3327 и 3328 у Њу Јоркер Хотелу од 1933 до 1943. Донирано Њу Јоркер Хотелу од стране Теслине Научне Фондације у име народа Србије и Републике Српске.”
Бисту је освештао Прота Ђокан из цркве Светог Саве на Менхетну а открио је Никола Лончар, председник Фондације. Теслина изложба је била важан део нашег догађаја. Преузета је уз све дозволе од Теслиног
Музеја из Београда да би се приказивала на будућим догађајима и за наш пројекат на коме
радимо: Тесла – Прошлост, Садашњост и Будућност.
“Награде :”У духу Тесле”
добили су:
• Jane Alcorn (Тесла Научни Центер на Лонг Ајланду)

• Телефоника компанија
• Српска црква Свети Сава у Њу Јорку
• Марина Арсенијевић ( за музику у филму “Торањ Народу”, филм о Тесли)
За Легат Тесле, Награда Председника:
Mark Passio и Michael Falseta
Оснивачи и пријатељи организације
За Теслину Бисту
Бојан Микулић
-Тесла Дигитална награда, Brian Yetzer
Постхумна награда, очување Теслиног дела – Никола Радошевић
Program veceri:
Mano Divina, који је ове године позван да буде извођач приликом доласка Папе у Филаделфију,
где ће представљати ТНФ

-Brit Walmsley, на гуслама, Теслином омиљеном инструменту
-Иван Босиљчић и Јелена Томашевић, гости из Београда
Присутни су били представници конзулата Републике Србије и Српске, Српски Амбасадор у
Уједњеним Нацијама Милан Милановић, и уважена гошћа Моуфида Гоуча, Директор УНЕСК-а
за Уједињене Нације.
Наши планови за 2015-у:
2. Јун у Београду, “Теслин Народ”
10. и 11. Јули у Филаделфији, Теслин Народ, скуп и прослава Теслиног рођендана
Важно је знати: Ми смо сви волонтери. Ми смо Научници, уметници, музичари, професори, Ми
смо људи који желе да наставе дело нашег великана Николе Тесле.

Извештај урадила:
Звездана Стојановић
Генерални Секретар
Теслина Научна Фондација