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”Tesla’s Travels Throughout New York and America”

by Tesla
”Tesla’s Travels Throughout New York and America”



Nikola Tesla is Serbian scientist that spent the majority of his life in America. He resided in New York for nearly 60 years. Tesla has earned the right for younger generations to study more of his scientific work. The Tesla Science Foundation (TSF) research team, has collected all of the addresses where Tesla lived and worked, along with a large selection of authentic photographs during that time. This would be used for the realization of several projects devoted to studying the works of Nikola Tesla, in order to, encourage younger generations.

For anyone interested in learning the significance of Tesla and the evolution of science in the twentieth and twenty-first century, it is necessary to implement several sub-projects:


  1. To remove all hard copies of the available photographs and documents related to where Tesla lived and worked from the American and Serbian archives, and switch to electronic, digital databases.


  1. Record the current condition of the locations, which Tesla lived and worked using imaging, video, and 360 degree camera angles.


  1. Develop mobile apps, Paths of Tesla through New York and America, where in addition to GPS navigations, can lead you to the location and experience Tesla, and what he did at the time. It would include virtual reality, documentary videos, and additional materials for an educational book.


  1. Develop educational, instructional books, and manuals on Tesla. As a base, photo-monograph, Nikola Tesla, by Milovan Matic, would be beneficial with information that could be used for educating children and teachers on Tesla and his inventions in the field of electrical engineering and wireless energy transfer.


  1. Our current exhibit is Tesla: Past, Present, and Future, with collaboration from the Museum of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, Serbia, and other organizations within the United States. We are combining our efforts and materials for our future project, Paths of Tesla Through New York and America.


  1. Drafting the script for an educational drama project, Tesla: Past, Present, and Future. The script is intended for plays and the theatre, so school children can learn about Tesla and his life’s works (patents and inventions). The TSF team is already in the process of acquiring materials and equipment (replicas of his inventions) with new modern technology.


  1. TeslaTalk.TV would be able to benefit from modern communications, so that interviewed experts and enthusiasts around the world would be able to learn from each other. The primary purpose of this Internet platform is to be used as a teaching tool and connect people interested in science.


  1. The purpose of creating an Internet based project is to educate students of all ages: elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. A special part of the project would be for the general public. The experts at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia will verify all materials; it is the most accredited institution of Nikola Tesla and his work.

Nikola Lonchar/Никола Лончар
President / Founder
Tesla Science Foundation
Phone: 484 955 0545

Presentation of the new ”Tesla” book By Milovan Matic

by Tesla
Presentation of the new ”Tesla” book By Milovan Matic

“Tesla” book presentation  May 8th

Free Library of Philadelphia (main branch) room 405

1901 Vine St., Philadelphia, PA

At this event, The Tesla Science Foundation will be presenting the new book “Tesla” by  Mr. Milovan Matic, who will be present at the book promotion, as well as Duga Radovanov, publisher, both guests from the Republic of Serbia.

The Tesla Science Foundation has participated in this edition and we will be looking for more ideas and more content to be included in the new edition. Ashley Redfearn, the Principal of The Tacony Academy will discuss Tesla curriculum as part of the book. We ask you to join us with your ideas.

Philadelphia Art Institute and TeslaTalk.TV will be present and will be filming the event.

This is a FREE event.

The Tesla Science Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the life, legacy and scientific innovations of Nikola Tesla.  Having successfully hosted numerous lectures, seminars, forums – to include the annual Energy Independence Conference and Tesla Memorial Conference  and Tesla’s People Conference in Belgrade, Serbia – our Foundation is the most active Tesla related organization in the United States today.  Through our dedicated efforts and generous support from our contributors,  the Tesla Science Foundation network of distinguished scientists, engineers, academics, artists, students and other Tesla enthusiasts worldwide continues to grow.  Visionary and scientist  Nikola Tesla is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World register.

Tesla Science Foundation