Nikola Lonchar
President / Founder of TSF & Founder of TSF Chapters
David Vuich
Honorary Chairperson
Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott
Director of Communications
Frank Taney
Vice President of Legal Affairs
Sherry Kumar
Executive Director
Radomir Majkic
TSF Adviser
Ashley Redfearn
Director of Education
Milica N. Savic
Director of Art & Technology / Coordinator of TSF International
Harry Oung
Director of Science
Gordana A Jovanov
Linguist / Translator

TESLA TALK.TV Board of Directors:

Craig Dovidio
Director of Tesla Talk.TV
James Jaeger
Film Producer of Tesla Talk.TV
Brian Yetzer
Art Director of Tesla Talk.TV
Zeljko Mirkovic
Film Producer & Director of Tesla Talk.TV
Mark Passio
Director of Tesla Talk.TV
Mano Divina
Music Director of Tesla Talk.TV
Janja Glogovac
Film Director of Tesla Talk.TV
Charlotte Brown
Tesla TalkTV Producer
Lana Asanin
Tesla TalkTV & TSF Conference Host
Joshua Thomas Vojtisek
TV Editor & Film Director of Tesla Talk.TV
Jelena Sterdjevic
TV Producer
Tom Morris
Technical director - Camera of Tesla Talk.TV
William Gutches
Business management consultant of Tesla Talk.TV


Milena Bajic
President of TSF Chapter Chicago, Illinois, US
Rob Meyer
President of TSF Chapter Arizona, US
Sam Mason
President of TSF Chapter New Jersey, US
Phillip Baldwin
Predrag Karasovic
President of TNF Serbia
Phillip Baldwin
President of TSF New York Chapter
Goran Sljukic
Director of the Board, TSF New York Chapter
Mladen Ilic
Director of the Board, TSF New York Chapter
Julian Michael
Director of Holistic Tesla Operations, TSF New York Chapter
Bojan Markovic
Technical Director of Tesla Talk.TV
Marko Markovic
Assistant of Technical Director Tesla Talk.TV
Bojan Mikulic
Member of the Steering Committee TSF NY Chapter
Milica N. Savic
Webmaster & Social Media Developer

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