Join us for the celebration of Teslas Slava St George

by Tesla
Join us for the celebration of Teslas Slava St George

The Tesla Science Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the life, legacy and scientific innovations of Nikola Tesla.  Having successfully hosted numerous lectures, seminars, forums – to include the annual Energy Independence Conference and Tesla Memorial Conference  and Tesla’s People Conference in Belgrade, Serbia- our Foundation is the most active Tesla related organization in the United States today.  Through our dedicated efforts and generous support from our contributors,  the Tesla Science Foundation network of distinguished scientists, engineers, academics, artists, students and other Tesla enthusiasts worldwide continues to grow.  Visionary and scientist  Nikola Tesla is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World register.

At this event, The Tesla Science Foundation will be presenting the new book “Tesla” by  Mr. Milovan Matic, who will be present at the book promotion, as well as Duga Radovanov, publisher, both guests from Serbia.

Open mike and socializing, Tesla coil exhibition and presentation, and promotion of Nikola Tesla.

Philadelphia Art Institute and TeslaTalk.TV will be present and will be filming the event.

This is a FREE event.  It is held in the historical park in the heart of Philadelphia,adjacent to the Liberty Bell, and where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Join us!