President/ Founder Nikola Loncar about Tesla Science Foundation – ”Wireless Transmission of Electric Energy” 2017

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President/ Founder Nikola Loncar about Tesla Science Foundation – ”Wireless Transmission of Electric Energy” 2017

It is time to take the next step in the work and organization of the Tesla Science Foundation, due to the high demand in which the Tesla organization has grown internationally. We are one of the most active groups in the world. We have heard from Tesla enthusiasts all over the world who want to open a local Tesla club and expect a program and networking in our system. To achieve this, we started the TeslaTalk.TV project and forming a Tesla nation network.

Our first meetings were held in libraries, scientific institutions, museums, schools, and universities (these will still continue); however, it is imperative to have specialized Tesla Club rooms. We would like to have everything in one location in order to have a bookstore, art gallery, exhibition space, and studio space to hold webinars, meetings, lectures; a common meeting place for Tesla enthusiasts to exchange ideas. By doing so, this would help us achieve a significant part of our mission and attract new members. Our TeslaTalk.TV communication center will be linked here; Tesla worldwide (our database currently stands at 12,000+) and each Tesla Club will be directly connected with us.

I believe that we would be able to create sufficient capital for self-supply, in order to, enable us to expand on new projects: printing and publishing books, recording, documentary films, financing small patent projects, scholarship costs for participation in scientific conferences, etc. We are open to all suggestions and invite you to cooperate.

We have our constant travelling exhibition, “Tesla: Past, Present, Future”, for which we are preparing a part that will be in a 3D format to show what the world would look like if we implemented all of Tesla’s ideas and inventions. The main objective of the exhibit is to motivate visitors to think about ways in which life on earth could be more beautiful and better. We think this is achievable if we all focused more and implemented Tesla’s ideas.

We have recently established a lab and studio in Belgrade in order to build a firmer connection with the homeland, where there is the largest number Tesla supporters in the world. We continue our cooperation with the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, but also with all the enthusiasts who study and promote Tesla in cities across Serbia. In the future, Belgrade and Jagodina will be the main centers for maintaining “Days of Tesla”. The Tesla Science Foundation in the USA and its branch in Serbia will jointly organize the work. Our TeslaTalk.TV studio and lab in Philadelphia-PA Narberth has been our biggest investment project for the TSF. Hopefully, this will bring the desired results and all of us working together. We invite you to give proposals for interviews with people who are engaged in various fields but also with significant members of the Tesla nation. We are all the people of Tesla.

For a long time, we have been working with the school in Philadelphia in an experimental program known as the “Introduction of Tesla in the School System”. We have connected and collaborated with the Nikola Tesla School in Jagodina. This program is our most important program to definitely incorporate Tesla in its rightful place in our education system, in the USA and throughout the world.

Multiple times per year, we award prizes to individuals and constituencies who have done something significant in terms of promoting the works of Nikola Tesla. Awards and prizes include Tesla medals, Tesla’s people medals, mini bust of Tesla, Tesla Spirit Award at several levels, and a large bust of Tesla; there are the seven levels by the size of the work, which has been done. Thus far, we have assigned all awards of which we knew of and we expect proposals for the new winners.

Our desire is to take part in the work of one of our centers and in some of our projects. All of you who did not access the platform are invited to do so in the coming days in order to make communications easier.

I wish you all a Happy 2017 New Year with Tesla in new victories and a better life!

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Nikola Loncar
Founder & President
Tesla Science Foundation
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