TeslaTalk.TV, founded by the Tesla Science Foundation, hosts various online webinar presentations for the online public to become aware and informed about the life, history, philosophy, and inventions of Nikola Tesla as well as related alternative technologies that relate to the vision of Tesla.

Tesla Talk.TV is vital for the integration of a set of services, tools and software products that will enhance The Tesla Science Foundation, enabling third-party developers to be able to create their own applications and services to access the data. The most important part of the platform will include interviews, live or deferred, with the possibility of viewing content related to inventions, science, and the application of science in real life. Nikola Tesla, his work and vision, are the key inspirations.

 The first phase is intended to implement interaction with the community through maintaining a web, primarily through webinars and social networks.

The next phase involves communication with primary and secondary schools (and subsequently with universities) in which they present successful inventors live. Students will be able to exchange views with them, attitudes and knowledge in the field of scientific knowledge.