by Tesla




10:00 am  Keynote Address – Mirjana Živković, Consul General of The Republic of Serbia

10:15 am  TSF Progress Report & Short-Term Plan – Milan Kostić, Executive Director, TSF

10:30 am  Nikola Tesla The Movie – Matthew Scarboro, Co-Founder, EZImaginations

10:45 am  Nikola Tesla and Humanity – Pavel Sfera, Poet, Aspiring Novelist, Humanitarian

11:00 am  Youth and Nikola Tesla – Aleksej Milić, 13 year old Guest, Serbia

11:08 am  Delphine Tesla Music Intro and Overview – Delphine Tesla, Musician 

11:12 am  Nikola Tesla as Inspiration – Achilleas Kentonis, Innovation Mentor – Multidisciplinary Artist and Scientist, Cyprus


11:15 am  BREAK


11:30 am  Tesla & Humanity’s Missing Paradigm Shift – Mark Passio, Radio Talk Show Host 

11:45 am  Tesla – Past, Present and Future” – Milovan Matić, Author

12:00 pm  Starting a Tesla Club – Ashley Redfearn, Director of Education, TSF

12:15 pm  Tesla Symphony Program – Alejandro Sanchez Navarro, Composer and Conductor, Mexico


12:30 pm LUNCH AND NETWORKING with Video Content




02:00 pm  Miloje Popović, Former Director of XYU Cultural Center in NY

02:15 pm  Nikola Tesla Business Records Elise Ackerman, Journalist

02:30 pm  Progress Report – Marc Alessi, Executive Director, Tesla Science Center

02:45 pm  Sisatovac Project – Nikola Lonchar, Founder and President, TSF

03:00 pm  Sustainable Live House Project – Robert Meyer, President, TSF Arizona

03:15 pm Adventures from the Future – Inspired by Tesla – Helena Bulaja Madunic, Artist and Storyteller



03:30 pm BREAK


04:00 pm  Progress Report – Vic Djurdjevic, President, Nikola Tesla Educational Corp, Canada

04:15 pm  Tesla Productions – Charlotte Brown, Producer, 311 Studio Productions

04:30 pm  Progress Report – Nicholas A Baio, President, TSF New York

04:45 pm  Panel Discussion, Nikola Tesla and Education

                   Moderator: Ashley Redfearn, TSF Director of Education

                   Panel Participants:

                   – Milovan Matić, Author, “Tesla – Past, Present and Future”

                   – Harry Oung, Director of Science, TSF

                   – Brian Yetzer, Art Director, TSF

                   – Mano Divina, Music Director, TSF

                   – Craig Do’Vidio, Director, Tesla TALK.TV, TSF

                   – Dr. John Cambridge, Entomologist


05:30 pm DINNER AND NETWORKING with Video Content




07:00 pm  Poet of Electricity – James Jaeger, Film Producer, Tesla TALK.TV, TSF

07:10 pm  Niko Tesla Film   Tesla Ambassadors, Australia

07:15 pm  Tesla and Pupin: Film Reconciliation is Key – Sava Sajko, Producent

07:30 pm  Tesla Symphony Program – Alejandro Sanchez Navarro, Composer and Conductor

08:00 pm  Tesla’s People – Zeljko Mirkovic, Film Producer, Tesla TALK.TV, TSF

08:15 pm  Why NIKOLA TESLA is a Mind from the FUTURE – Helena Bulaja Madunic, Artist and Storyteller


08:45 pm  Award Presentation


Lana Asanin, Program Presenter

Kevin Wood, Director of Events and PR Manager

Milica N. Savic, Director of Art & Technology


Art Exhibition:

Mariana Moreno, Mexico

Bogdan Miscević

Sandra Nikoletić

Family Lončar Private Collection

Foundation Laza Kostic – Tesla – Pupin

Students of Tacony Academy Charter School, Philadelphia

Reconciliation and friendship inspired by Tesla Pupin Tower in Serbia

Organized and supported by Tesla Science Foundation and

Consulate General of The Republic of Serbia, New York


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